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Innovation & Development

We work closely with our customers, delivering bespoke products that bring excitement and product innovation to consumers. Our passion drives us to develop on-trend dishes, allowing consumers to experience the latest food trends.

Whether you need a tried and tested dressing such as Caesar or Honey & Mustard or something more innovative like Winter Spiced Beetroot or Summer Thai – we will work with you to create the perfect product!

Image shown: King Prawns with Piri Piri Sauce

Kettle Cooking

A Passion for New Food Innovation

Here at the JDM Food Group, the New Product Development department (NPD) closely follows changing consumer lifestyles and the globalisation of food trends.

Our passion to innovate and develop new products to meet these changing needs from our diverse customer base, has led to a fast growing and dynamic NPD department. We have a team of talented skilled development technologists and market researchers who provide market insights to drive our product development strategy.

The NPD team forms part of the Commercial team at JDM under the leadership of the Commercial Director, Darren Bevan, with day to day responsibility under Will Finnigan, the New Product Development Manager.

A typical day within the NPD department, can be creating new concepts in the development kitchen, preparing a customer presentation, going on a food safari or attending a trade show. All of this comes together to facilitate JDM to be manufacturer of choice for all our customers.

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