New Oven Investment Shows Continued Development for JDM

We have recently invested in two brand new multi-purpose ovens in the continued development of our 140,000 square ft. factory. 

The JBT DD Revorack Ovens are used for oven roasted and cook-in-bag products. These products can be cooked by steam, dry heat or by a mixture of steam and elevated temperature cooking of up to 240°C. The increased control over cooking programmes with the ability to have up to 8 cooking phases, allows us to create products that match the organoleptic properties our customers desire. Each oven has two internal oven probes which record the internal product temperature throughout the cooking programme, offering greater control in achieving core product temperatures, and enhancing food safety. JBT oven software records the internal cabinet temperature, time and core product temperature throughout each cooking programme. This information can be directly downloaded offering records of due diligence. These ovens help us achieve products that are consistent and uniform in colour for our customers, leading to true consumer value.